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Continuing effort …

Continued from "If you think you can, you will!" Post I have seen one client move from believing he was to blame for his marriage breakdown and that held him back from trying for a relationship again, and beating himself hourly!   Once I helped change his mind from this to a

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Therapy better than a huge pay rise!

“People are happier after therapy than after getting a huge pay rise” $1,300 v $42,000 (or for the UK £780 v £25,000).   £750 would get you more than 21 sessions with me, or 12-15 with higher-charging counsellors in larger cities perhaps.     Normally people only need around 6 sessions 

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Assess how Life Coaching can help you

What are you feeling right now?  Maybe frustrated, lost or confused. What is frustrating you? Why are you frustrated? What do you feel you need to do but can’t? Why not?  Do you know your goals? Where do you want to be and when? Are they realistic, achievable for you?

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