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Spread your butterfly wings

The little butterfly by Alex Jones Spring arrived on 1st February 2013 apparently!   Alex, whose blog I follow as I like nature and the insights he shares on life and living together - was awakened to this fact by a hibernating butterfly waking up and reminding him. "I feel like I’ve been hibernating

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A person-centred approach

What does that mean?   Person-centred. It is something I came across when I was deciding to undertake my training for counselling - which model suited me best?  There was an immediate recognition for me, and understanding (another jigsaw piece in building my own self-awareness which has led me to

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Coping with Separation or Divorce

On 15th May I was networking at Oldham Women in Business and Pearson Legal based in Oldham town centre were presenting their Family Law service with a more helpful options than the traditional model of solicitor v solicitor adversarially. 'Resolution' is a code of practice that is becoming more popular

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Trust your intuition

"The Art of Listening; as you converse with someone, check in and see what your intuition is telling you. Is the person being truthful or trying to manipulate you? This can be a very effective tool during business meetings with new clients or vendors. .....As you repeat the process (of

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