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Treating dementia

I have seen, as I've said, times when a person centred approach really helps.    Complete focus on the person, their lives, history, likes and atittude, respecting them and their needs and who they are - and were - makes the links that otherwise are hard to reach. A lady,

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Peaks and Troughs

Marc & Angel 10 things to remember when you're feeling lost and alone ... I had to share this here and now.   It, like to so many other things recently, highlight those things I am ready to listen to and act on.  This is the principle of life coaching! Messages

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Trust yourself …

One thing I notice with clients who make positive changes in their life with either counselling or coaching, is that when they feel better (after a long period of feeling down) they don’t trust themselves to maintain that new positivity, or that improvement in their life and living ...they need

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Emotional issues for men …

"5 things every woman should know about men" You Magazine 6.4.14 is a good article and valid insights for women about men - and no doubt for men about themselves!  (As suggested in the article too men don't always have the deeper awareness of emotions and needs) There are issues and

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