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Hmm where does it start?  A long time ago.   Maybe when I was born (no worries I’m not going to start there though!)   My journey may be mainly by train; Werneth Station, Oldham has some significance for me so we can start here ...   It starts with who

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Can you laugh at dementia?

Sometimes you can, but not at the disease or the problems, or the person suffering and those looking on - but when you're involved, there can be amusing moments! One day I was working as an activity co-ordinator and taking a few residents out, with the home's dog too.  

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The impact of bullying on families

This article highlights the impact at home for the 'victim' of workplace bullying and this is true.   When I look back on the impact my experience had on my family it scares me how huge the toll has been - and no doubt my bully/bullies cannot even remember those events!

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My achievements are very subjective and they are also a reflection of social norms (that word again and it’s judgmental connotations...) I have had cause recently to actually write those down and  acknowledge them for myself  in an effort to remind myself of them and sort of justify my actions

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Feeling lonely?

Why do we feel alone sometimes, but other times – or other people – are Ok being alone and not feel lonely?  What’s the difference? “You can feel lonely in a crowd” is very true;  this demonstrates there is a difference between being alone and feeling lonely.   Feeling lonely

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