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So the travels.  Here I come.   My choice is going to be where to go, when to go and how to go!   Relatively simple choices for me.   My criteria to decide by? Feelings, visuals, finances, practicality.  I know myself well nowadays! My tendency?  Train travel!   I can see a

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When I was born we didn't have much as a family other than it being a caring, loving family, but we've proved that was enough... With support, we can achieve our dreams, or near enough maybe. Now, as an adult, I know what they did give me was myself, options,

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So how did I find my dream?   When I was a teenager for some reason I wanted to have a blue Rolls Royce!  Sky blue – yes!   Why?  Looking back I guess the question was: “Why not?” I would still like the Rolls but not in blue, at least not sky

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