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Team building means ….

Posted originally on August 19, 2011 It isn’t always about building new teams or improving them…or fixing the problems … because there may not be any problems when an organisation brings in team building techniques.   It is, however, an opportunity for the whole team and the people in it to take a look at what they can do and

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Who are “Business people”?

Posted orignally on August 19, 2011 So who are business people? The people involved in a business  – service  providers and staff - customers/service users                                                                                                                – - stakeholders  (trustees, share-holders, communities)                                                               – potential customers and the public and people who see your organisation and it’s staff, activities, objectives Underneath any succesful

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Bully… For You

Posted originally on August 28, 2011 Anti- bullying – that’s me! If you are a victim please take my survey  as part of an anti-bullying project http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/DR3ZX2F From my experiences of bullying it is devastating to the victim!  Just recently I’ve heard of five new cases first hand – two primary school

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