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Men’s health and happiness – June 2014

Posted originally on August 4, 2011 12th March 2011 Men’s health, happiness and well-being http://uk.askmen.com/ This is the Ask Men website – I just discovered this today by accident, and found it might be useful to some people (yes, women too, if it helps them understand each other).   It is a ‘magazine’ site for men – women’s include IVillage for example, that I found a while ago and unsure if its still around

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Who are you? What animal might you be?

Posted originally on August 4, 2011 Try the website www.animalinyou.com to see what characteristics you share with animals! I agree with mine, although these two are very different the characteristics they have do apply to me too. You have to answer a few online questions and then it displays the relevant animals that relate to you and your answers … fun and informative, it’s a must for anyone to have a go at! 

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Dementia and a dog…a life story

Posted originally on August 7, 2011 This is Pippy.  She wouldnt look at me when I wanted a full face shot, so this is the best I could do.   I took it to show people who she is and what type of dog ‘ a terrier’ is all I have mustered to date. She is lovely!  She loves me even though she isn’t mine, she lives with lots of people in

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