Continuing effort …

Continued from If you think you can, you will! Post

I have seen one client move from believing he was to blame for his marriage breakdown and that held him back from trying for a relationship again, and beating himself hourly!   Once I helped change his mind from this to a new perspective, one where he was no to blame but other people were involved and yes, his blindness to others needs sometimes, but he had choices now – to learn, to change, to grow, to keep trying!   Now?  He loves life, he has a busy social calendar and best of all for me, he likes himself again – from his perspective too, not someone else’s!

Another client was held back professionally and personally because of one or two comments in the past, that were simply passing for the speaker but hit home in the child …and carried with her for many years.  We have worked together a while to overcome that self-belief that was negative, acknowledging the great things she has achieved already and what she really, really wants from her life.

Jumping the canyon by khunaspixPassing an exam is like jumping across a canyon and gaining a firm footing on the other side … never having to go back an do it again!     (Photo by khunsaspix, Free Digital Photos)

Now, she has got to a great place – passed all her professional exams with experience, knowledge …and now confidence in herself too.  Still ready for more, but professional achievements, a new company to work with, new-found self-belief and clarity to say how proud of herself she is!  And quite rightly so! Again, that self-belief, self-trust and self-love that we are require to be the best person we can – to explore and reach our potential, now or in the future but always working towards it.

Plateaus come along for a rest or a break, for a chance to reflect and re-group, or celebrate and reward ourselves.  Take note of them.  They are not failures, or being stuck, they are breaks in life and in struggles up the mountain face so you can sit back and pat yourself on the back for your achievements and realisations; you can rest and admire the view of your path in life, and see the panorama of the world around you and what you can do with it!