Therapy better than a huge pay rise!

“People are happier after therapy than after getting a huge pay rise” Notes free $1,300 v $42,000 (or for the UK £780 v £25,000).   £750 would get you more than 21 sessions with me, or 12-15 with higher-charging counsellors in larger cities perhaps.     Normally people only need around 6 sessions  on average – something that companies offer their employees to manage distracting issues that lead to sickness absences – and some people need more, some less, and some longer term – maybe monthly to maintain a level for a while until fully back on track.       But few people with general mental health issues like stress or depression, anxiety and panic attacks, or self-esteem, even abuse maybe, need or have 20 sessions before seeing tangible benefits to their outlook, their physical health and a noticeable reduction in stress; even a visible, noticeable and at times dramatic level of happiness on show! (I can even tell someone’s last session when they arrive from the physical change in style and attitude!)

money_graph_197352That would be just £140 for a lifetime of happiness, putting years of agony and struggle behind you forever!

Have a read of this article – it’s interesting, and true.  Think about it – 12 hour days, high wages, buying and planning – or just being yourself, accepted and content, and naturally moving forward in your well-paced lifestyle? I have often said that ‘everyone should experience counselling at least once in their life’ – a chance to talk about themselves, better understand and see themselves from their own perspective rather than reflected by others and their agenda for their life …it really is enlightening!