So the travels.  Here I come.   My choice is going to be where to go, when to go and how to go!   Relatively simple choices for me.   My criteria to decide by?

Feelings, visuals, finances, practicality.  I know myself well nowadays!

My tendency?  Train travel!  

Grotton Station

I can see a lot (I am very visual – pictures, colours, shapes) – different towns and cities, different views and landscapes, people and building, weather and animals, etc

It feels safe, comfortable, accessible.  I will feel comfortable – it’s familiar (albeit that some countries will not be either comfortable, safe or familiar with their cultural styles!)

It is controllable – an accident, I might survive, could get out and walk away from the immediate problem;  accessible – I can walk into a station, I can book a ticket and I can pay for it there.   There is more than one a day generally, there are different options and there is a seat (comfort) –even on the floor!

I remember once in my teens waking up on a cold, marble floor in a train station in Italy I think it was, with a cleaner sweeping around us!   Having left the train late at night and nowhere booked to stay, we slept on the floor on a coat maybe or with nothing.  Maybe we were just so tired we could sleep anywhere!   So accessible, safe, familiar …and flexible!

Steam train

Maybe I will get to travel on an old steam trains are familiar to me.  I was born in a house across from a station, and a tunnel.  It fascinates me how we just didn’t hear them even at night!  And the adventures around the station!  Travel is my adventure by train this year!

I have slept on the couchette in French trains, pulling out my seat to cross the carriage and make a bed, with my friend beside me and strangers beyond him!

On the corridor floor on old trains, when there were just so many backpacking tourists there were just no seats and the conductor climbed skilfully over the sitters and sleepers as night drew in.

So it’s also practical – flexibility is practical, adapting to situations and circumstances is practical. And that’s me – Practical, flexible, adaptable, solution focused, obstacle aware.  NLP says I’m an ‘away’ type of person – I step away from the goal, the objective, the vision – check out the potential problems and options, resolve them theoretically and then start to move forward if it’s practical!   There I go again!

Can you do this sort of exercise for yourself, in your life?   Knowing yourself means you can always have the right tools to hand, create the right environment to meet your needs, and to feel safe, secure and in control of your life and yourself – and your options/choices too!