My twelve coaching tips for 2018…for your New Year resolutions or life changing goals!

For your New Year’s resolutions and goals …

  1. Decide on exactly what you want by December
  2. Be honest – but commit to what you can and will achieve by then. Here is your contract to you!
  3. Start a journal – thoughts and feelings, notes and plans, ideas, to do lists, action plans, pictures, drawings, notes, cut outs, items – whatever it takes to pinpoint your idea and make it work!
  4. Set your first months action plan with dates to aim for and rewards to celebrate
  5. Visualise your goal in all its glory, colour and detail, sounds and smells, tastes and feelings
  6. Take your first step now!   Write it down.  Start your picture and your action plan. NOW
  7. Find a book to start your journal of your journey!  This is a reference, a record and a motivational tool!
  8. Identify exactly how you know when you achieve each step, and how you can celebrate it
  9. Celebrate having started that journey now (IF you wrote something down, found the book or pictured the outcome!)
  10. Diary in a review each month Jan-Dec to take stock of what you have achieved (and you will!), what you need to do next as things will change and develop as time goes on
  11. Note and record what has changed for you each day/week/month?   Celebrate – it’s growth.  Even having to change direction or pathway, stopping and re-starting, five steps forward and three back – you are still achieving, moving forward, making progress, developing your plans!   Pat yourself on the back!
  12. Be happy.  Be prepared. Be ready – to take the opportunities that will surely come your way now you know what you are looking for!

 Be happy.  Enjoy the ups and downs, the journey, the pathway to success.

If you can, share it with others you trust and who will support and encourage you.  Keep sharing the developments with them.

Share it with me too please, and my readers on the blogs and website, and my newsletter* too, maybe!

So be good this year!  Good at everything you do! Be the best you can be!