The second five thoughts for happiness

10. Explore new ideas and opportunities often.  It stimulates the mind, the body and the soul.

11. Don’t be shy. Network with people. Meet new people.  They all have something to offer – something you can learn about them, the world, you!

12. Communicate – tell people what you want and need, and why.  Ask them what they want and need, and why.  Then negotiate to see if and how you can find mutual benefits!  At home, at work, in business, education, socially or practically.

13. Ask someone if you aren’t sure.  We always need to learn from each other!   That’s why we are unique, diverse and interesting!   Everyone has a story. Everyone knows something you don’t.

14. Stay out of other people’s drama. And don’t needlessly create your own.  Another one I know!  This has got me into trouble I didn’t need or deserve, and it’s held me back at times from my own dreams.   Don’t let that happen to you!