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With Counselling & Coaching Together you can resolve problems, build dreams to live a life you love to live and love the work you do! Removing barriers, building dreams; Resolving problems, building teams!

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Career Development

Do work you love - find clear direction and your own particular purpose in life. Learn how to create your own best environment so you can thrive in your career, not just survive it!

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Coaching for Business

Learn new tools and techniques to enhance your skills, gain helpful insights and better manage relationships with more understanding and greater awareness for individual employees, relationships problems, team building and leadership. (Employed or Self-Employed)

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Live your dream

Live your dreams! It's never too late to make your dreams come true! If you know what your dream is, you can start today to plan the steps to get you there - and then be ready for the opportunity when it arises - because you only have a moment to take it when it does!

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Retirement Coaching

There is more to retirement planning than just the financial considerations - finding purpose and activities, new relationship dynamics and more time for fun and relaxation for the next step in your career!

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Explore your Options

Counselling & Coaching work together to help you explore your options and beliefs, and make positive, helpful changes as necessary, quickly and easily

Find New Perspectives

Self-reflection and feedback offer you new perspectives - a chance to make choices and changes if you want, for more effective personal and professional performance

Personal Development

Removing barriers, Building dreams Counselling & Coaching together resolve the problems holding you back and create steps to a positive future…

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Performance Management

Career Development will help you to achieve your professional goals – promotions, better relationships, teamwork or personal performance such as managing…

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I’m Julie, welcome to your Clear Mind and living your life on purpose.

From finding peace of mind to managing your future plans effectively and efficiently, you can look forward to a happier, healthier lifestyle and more opportunities!

Develop yourself Personally and Professionally – employed or self-employed – with benefits such as focus, motivation, inspiration and success, using tools and techniques, insights and awareness from various models including Psychology, Counselling, Coaching, NLP and Business leadership I will help you to grow, learn and develop your skills and your opportunities!


Helping you with your Personal & Professional Development

Business Coaching

Lead your teams and manage people effectively. Improve your emotional intelligence, develop influence for peak performance

Career Coaching

Find your niche, love your work and fulfil your potential with new skills, insights and awareness to enhance your options

Life Coaching & Counselling

Managing your lifestyle and resolve any stress and anxieties that hold you back from happiness and achievement.  Create a life you want to live, and even live your dreams!


To resolve problems and find solutions all you have to do….Just Talk!